Windows 10 Legacy Applications

It can be a difficult if you work in an industry that requires older applications to run on newer PCs due to failure or obsolescence.  These are a few issues I have encountered and overcome to allow upgrades that  may help you in your upgrades.

If the application was installed under a user that lacks administrative rights, it is possible the application may not have completely installed properly.  With this in mind, you can either reinstall using administrative rights, or continue on and reinstall if none of the steps below resolve your issue.  My suggestions is to run through the following steps first due to changes you will be making to application and installation security prior to reinstalling.

Test first by running the application as administrator.  Right click on the application shortcut, select the compatibility tab and select “run as administrator”.

If this does not work, the next step would be to either set admin permissions to the the logged in user that will run the application, or log in as administrator and run the application.  If it works and the application runs, focus on application folder(s), file(s) and registry isolation and permissions.

If there are still issues after running the application under admin permissions, turn off User Access Control (UAC) and SmartScreen.  Be sure to reboot after UAC is disabled so that it changes are fully applied.

If it still will not run, completely turn off UAC.  Even with UAC completely shut down in the GUI, there are still a few control settings enabled in the local group policy.   Launch the local policy (gpedit.msc) and dig into “Computer Configuration – Windows Settings – Security Settings – Local Policies – Security Options”.  At the bottom of the Security Options list are the remaining settings you can modify and test.  This fix has been the single most effective change in my  experience.

You can also try setting compatibility mode to a previous version of windows to see if this helps.  This is in the same area as above, when making changes to run the application as administrator.  This has not helped me but it is an option.

Hope this helps.